Ethan Howard


OpportVnVs Adest

On the other side of the universe, a gargantuan being moved slowly, confidently through the ocean of space. The most evil, terrifying life form ever spawned did not care what planets he destroyed in his wake. The entire cosmos was now his playground – to twist, destroy, or simply corrupt as he saw fit.

But first: Earth.

He would burn Yar’s favored planet and then squeeze it into a mote of dust. It would be as though it never existed.

4.6 billion years ago it was foretold that Earth would decide the fate of the universe. Since that day, the two great powers in all of existence have wrestled for control of the blue planet, with neither side gaining a clear advantage.

Until now.

It is the 21st Century. The Discarded One has his hideous Degans manipulating events on all four corners of the world. They are everywhere.

Nothing is what it appears to be.

The third and final great evil of humanity foretold to pave the way for the Discarded One is also the richest man in the world. He is loved by the masses because he has deceived them into thinking he is dedicated to solving the world’s problems. What is unknown is that this man conspires with monsters in the dark while planting the seeds for Earth’s destruction.

Who will save Earth? Will it be Yar, the all-powerful being that once walked the planet but has not been seen in over 2000 years? Will it be Quentin, the enigmatic man from the stars with a duty and a mysterious past?

There is also divorced school teacher, Regina Tate and her preadolescent son, Dante.

Where do they fit in?

Opportvnvs Adest tells the story of events that lead to the end of days for Earth and the universe.

Prepare yourself and remember this axiom: What you believe is false. What you know is wrong.

So where lies the truth?

Decide for yourself.

The first installment of Opportvnvs Adest  is coming soon!